I am a graphic designer and typographer who is a recent graduate of Cambridge School of Art in Graphic Design and Typography master programme with a 'Distinction Award'. My research topic is 'Influence of Culture on Type Design in Consideration of Latin Scripts' and my master project aims to design a sustainable typeface.


I have a Bachelor's degree in Advertising and minor in Visual Communication Design at Istanbul Bilgi University. During my studies, I did many internships from art direction to digital marketing. Seeing different working environments from small agencies to international ones brought me a different approach and many perspectives on being a designer.


After my graduation, I worked as a graphic designer for a year at Pompaa that is an Istanbul based design studio. My main focus in there was print & publication and web design. Being a part of a family-like working environment strengthened my courage to try different methods in my works, whilst handling the projects from A to Z gave me a huge responsibility and a better understanding on problem solving and conceptualisation.

I am always open to new ideas and trying to learn different techniques and mediums. I love playing with type and letters. Nowadays, I am working on my hand lettering and illustration skills to improve. I believe that my advertising background provides me a strength in design world to understand current trends, briefs and clients better along with keeping up with the strict deadlines.

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