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I am a graphic designer and typographer who is a recent graduate of Cambridge School of Art in Graphic Design and Typography master programme with a 'Distinction Award'. My research topic is 'Influence of Culture on Type Design in Consideration of Latin Scripts' and my master project aims to design a sustainable typeface.


I have a Bachelor's degree in Advertising and minor in Visual Communication Design at Istanbul Bilgi University. During my studies, I did many internships from art direction to digital marketing. Seeing different working environments from small agencies to international ones brought me a different approach and many perspectives on being a designer.


After my graduation, I worked as a graphic designer for a year at Pompaa that is an Istanbul based design studio. My main focus in there was print & publication and web design. Being a part of a family-like working environment strengthened my courage to try different methods in my works, whilst handling the projects from A to Z gave me a huge responsibility and a better understanding on problem solving and conceptualisation.

I am always open to new ideas and trying to learn different techniques and mediums. I love playing with type and letters. Nowadays, I am working on my hand lettering and illustration skills to improve. I believe that my advertising background provides me a strength in design world to understand current trends, briefs and clients better along with keeping up with the strict deadlines.

You could find my detailed resume here. Also, to contact me please click here.

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