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Sıla Deniz Göktaş is a multidisciplinary graphic designer based in Istanbul, Turkey.

She received her master degree from Cambridge School of Art in Graphic Design and Typography with a 'Distinction Award' and bachelor from Istanbul Bilgi University with high honours. Her research topic is 'Influence of Culture on Type Design in Consideration of Latin Scripts' and her master project was to design a sustainable typeface.  

She worked at different design studios and advertising agencies for over 4+ years and took part in many international projects varied from print & publication and branding to web and social media layout design.

Her works were published and exhibited in various events & platforms. In 2020, experimental book design project for ‘If On a Winter’s Night a Traveler’ was exhibited at Sidney Sussex College in Cambridge, UK. In 2022, hand lettering artwork was published online by It's Nice That x Today at Apple. Lately, poster work was displayed by GMK at their annual graphic design exhibition in 2023.

Nowadays, she is working on different freelance based projects and creating templates as a part of Canva Creators Turkey. Also, she has been working on her photography and hand lettering skills. Her photography portfolio may be reached here. 

You could find her detailed resume here. To reach out, please click here.

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