Gaeaminus Display Typeface Family

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How much the technological developments carry the humanity to forward, it is a fact that they damage our planet while doing so. Day by day people try to stop or decrease these effects that our civilisation has caused through their actions. Thus, nowadays the term ‘sustainability’ has gained a huge importance since it is seen as the future. Cambridge Dictionary (n.d.) defines sustainability as “the idea that goods and services should be produced in ways that do not use resources that cannot be replaced and that do not damage the environment”. So the term brings up the method of recycling which symbolises a constant transformation inside. That's why the project is inspired by this technique of going back to the inner self and through that to the nature. The goal is to be used in campaigns and projects connected to sustainability, recycling, nature, environment, ecology and strengthen the meaning of the terms by using less ink. That’s why it is named as ‘Gaeaminus’ which is a combination of Gaea, Greek goddess of environment and the Latin word of ‘geminus’ that means double as double lines used in the project.  


Gaeaminus was designed for the master project of Cambridge School of Art with mentorship of Will Hill.

To check the online student exhibition that Gaeaminus is showed, please click here.


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