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Cheers is a collaborative zine that was designed by 4 master students of Cambridge School of Art. You could access the online version of the first issue which is dedicated to food from here.

The way this zine works

Understanding the importance of collaboration is often gained only by doing. The aim of this projects was not only to create a zine but also to experiment with what extent we can play with the process of collaboration. Along with this, we questioned how ownership works when designers are collaborating. After a lot of discussions over many calls we decided to separate the process into three stages.


Individual spreads: Each of us started by creating five different works of design related to the aspect of food we want to highlight.

Collective spreads: We separated ourselves from our individual works, each of us took a composition created by the other three and one of our own (four pieces in total) to then create a spread for the zine.

Spreads with the same input: Each of us had a different way of processing that information and content. To celebrate the difference, each of us combined the unused individual works producing additional four spreads (pages 4-11).


About food 

"What is food? Can we define food or does it change its meaning form one individual to another? Encyclopaedia Britannica defines it as, substance consisting essentially of protein, carbohydrate, fat, and other nutrients used in the body of an organism to sustain growth and vital processes and to furnish energy.


On the other hand when we walk into a restaurant and look at the menu, we can notice that any food preparation talks about culture, geography, heritage, art and even tells a story. In this zine the four of us have aimed to explore food as a concept by trying to understand the role it plays in our subconscious as well as our external environment. Though when one first thinks of it, it seems simple but the more we explored and delved into it we realised how deeply it is rooted in each of our lives.


We hope that our zine sparkles new ideas about food or triggers you to call a friend for a coffee and cake.





Individual spreads


In this collaborative zine, everybody took a responsibility for different design elements such as designing a logo, layout, cover and social media layout. Besides the spreads that I contributed, my part was to design the cover of the zine.


You could find us on social media from here.

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